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Ian Kenins Photography

Victoria Australia

Photographs by Ian Kenins.



Ian Kenins has taken photographs of labourers and blue collar workers going home after hard day’s work. Images of industrial workers on building site by Ian Kenins. Mates at work. Photo of rural newspaper editor. Technician image. Fisherman photo, and photos of furniture repairs. Work photos of staff going home, and wool manufacture and production in Australia. Photos of sports equipment making. Cricket bat maker photo and surf board making photo. Violin making photo. Photos of hard labour, a chimney sweep and winemaker or vigneron. Photo of science and research in laboratory. Image of doctors and patient in hospital. Scrap metal worker photograph.

Shoes by Rocco
Images of shoes by iconic Rocco Bufalo in East Malvern by Ian Kenins. Shoes being hand made old fashioned way. Photographs of shoes stitched by hand. Shoes made to measure by Rocco. Leather shoes hand made by Rocco in Melbourne.

The factory
Photographs of people at Galvanising Industries work in factories by Ian Kenins. Images of old fashioned factory with lots of steam and steel. Photos of labourers in industrial steel and galvanising factory in Melbourne, Australia. Workers toiling in old steel factory photos. Portrait of old worker’s face in factory by Ian Kenins. Old worker carrying classic Gladstone bag to work. Conveyer belt and production line in old factory in Australia. Wife kisses husband before work in morning photo. Photo of father and son working together in factory. Factory boss in office. Photos of drums of chemicals in factory.


ian kenins

Victoria Australia

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