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Ian Kenins Photography

Victoria Australia

Photographs by Ian Kenins.

Travel Essays through Europe, USA, Australia

Travel photos from Venice and Rome and Vatican in Italy by Ian Kenins. Mask maker photo in Venice. Flying above clouds photo. Aerial photographs of Bavaria, Germany. German steins, Bavarian castles, old village farms and farmers in Germany. Snow in Austria. Travel photos of Australia and Lawn Hill National Park and Port Douglas, Australian bridges, the Bungle Bungles by Ian Kenins. Photograph of Lincoln Memorial sunrise. Photo of Charles Bridge in Prague. Hillbillies whittling outside courthouse photo. Old American road and highway photo. Richmond Bridge photo in Tasmania. Classic Italian Motto Guzzi bike photo in Rome.

Across the USA
Travels photos USA of roads and highways and streets and American highway sign. American travel images of New York, Pennsylvania. Photos of USA covered bridges, farmers, American cheerleaders, hillbillies, Elvis fans and impersonators. American landscape photos of Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Mono Lake. USA people photos of American barber, quintessential diner chef and stereotypical American diner waitress. Photo of Chicago gospel church and photos of school pledge of allegiance in America and American flag. American sports photos of baseball, football, basketball by Ian Kenins. New York skyline pre September 2001. Photographs of Venice Beach, California. Kids in America photos and American children playing. Bill Clinton’s former barber in Arkansas photo. American farmers in front of traditional barn.

String quartet tour
Photographs of Australian String Quartet playing classical music in desert and outback towns. Unlikely place for classic music in Australian outback. Photographs of violins and cello being played to farmers in outback pubs in Australia. Violin played to farmer at outback campfire. Classic music played underground mine in Australia photo.


ian kenins

Victoria Australia

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