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Ian Kenins Photography

Victoria Australia

Photographs by Ian Kenins.


Photos of boxing Jeff Fenech winning title fight. Golf photographs. AFL action football photographs marking Matthew Lloyd. Outback horse racing in Kimberley. Photos of fans and spectators at sports events. Images of victory and jubilation and defeat. Collingwood 1990 premiership Tony Shaw photo by Ian Kenins. Geelong losing grand final. Cricketer batsman Dean Jones photograph. Photographs by Ian Kenins of social cricket in Australia, played in parks, laneways, and beach cricket. Backyard cricket photographs by Ian Kenins. Photographs of tennis, Martina Hingis. Swimming photographs. Australian dog sled racing in snow photos. Fencing images. Windsurfing photograph. Kyle Vander-Kuyp hurdles photos. Start of Murray River Marathon canoe kayak race photograph. Tug of war photograph.

Country football
Photographs by Ian Kenins of country football around Australia outback, and rural football and AFL football in rural towns and remote regions. Aboriginals playing Australian football. Photographs of old grandstands in rural Australia. Spectators cheering at local football in Australia. Fans watching country football in Australia. Photographs of young children playing football in Australia. Legends of Australian country football clubs. Portrait of bush footballer in Australia. Country footballers celebrating victory photograph. Family and loyal volunteers involved in bush football in rural Australia. Country football players socialising with beer after game. Photographs from book Beyond The Big Sticks by Ian Kenins. Photo of Australian football goal umpire. Unique rural Australian football images. Fund raising in local sport photo. Queenstown gravel oval photo. Football goal umpire eating pie photograph. Country football in NSW and Victoria and Tasmania and WA and SA and Queensland photos. Injured country footballers. Country football old facilities photos.

Ladies lawn bowls
Photographs of ladies lawn bowls day at Albert Park in Melbourne by Ian Kenins. Photos of women socialising playing lawn bowls. Photos of senior citizens recreational activities. Photos of elderly activities and friendship. Women playing sport photos. Friendship in sport. Ladies lawn bowls cup of tea break photo. Photos of active senior citizens. Women in competitive sport.

Simpson Desert cycle race
Photos of bicycle race across the Simpson Desert in outback Australia by Ian Kenins. Photographs of bike race from Purnie Bore to Birdsville. Photos of bicycle riders in extreme heat and harsh conditions. Cyclists carrying bikes over sand dunes. Cyclist struggling in Simpson Desert cycle race. Sunrise photo of start of Simpson Desert bike race. Competitors on Oil Rig Road in Simpson Desert cycle race. Cycling across sandy desert. Photograph of lone cyclist on steep hill. Triumphant cyclists completes race. Exhausted competitor in bike race photo.


ian kenins

Victoria Australia

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