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Ian Kenins Photography

Victoria Australia

Photographs by Ian Kenins.



Snapshots and photos of childhood. Photos by Ian Kenins of youth at play. Young boy playing with pet dog photo. Old man walking exercising his dog photograph. Parenthood photograph father with son. Men and mates and neighbours. Images of election campaign in Australia. Photos of Melbourne laneways and men playing outdoor chess. Demonstration photo. Photo of demonstrator at parliament house by Ian Kenins. Photographs of VW Beetle. Holden FJ model and dogs in cars. People enjoying picnics and playing on beach. Boys on Australian beach. Melbourne café society photograph. Laundromat photo. Friends after cup day. Old women neighbours chatting in Australian suburb in Melbourne. Spectators in car on boundary line at country rural football match. Gay men cross dressing photo. Photograph of workers playing laneway cricket lunchtime. Garage band photograph. Man with best friend dog photograph.


ian kenins

Victoria Australia

mobile: 0417 561 563
email: ian@iankenins.com


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