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Ian Kenins Photography

Victoria Australia

Photographs by Ian Kenins.

Portfolio of Rural Australia

Profile of residents of Australian outback town Urandangi. Australian outback lifestyle photos. Remote Australian desert town photographs by Ian Kenins. Outback people living in temporary housing, humpys and caravans. Far north Queensland residents in of Urandangi. Third world conditions in Urandangi, Australia. Photos of Australians living in poverty in outback town. Nude Australian blokes in outback pub. Images of cigarette smoking, beer drinking blokes in Australian outback pub. Aboriginal school in remote community in Queensland.

Rural Australia
Photographs by Ian Kenins. Images of rural and outback Australia. Photos of woolsheds and farms and struggling Australian farmers. Iconic Australian ringer on outback farm photo. Photos of rural Australian tractors and windmills and wind farms images silos. Photographs by Ian Kenins of saleyards still in use and working stock agent. Livestock photos of sheep and cattle and goats on Australian farm. Farm photographs of haystacks and wheat. Photos old railway lines and stations and trains in rural Australia. Photos of Australia rural drought and land affected by drought. Australian farmland affected by drought and rising salinity. Iconic rural Australian church corrugated iron image. Streetscapes of small Australian towns. Koondrook streetscape photo. Barham streetscape. Main street Cooktown photo. Mourilyan township devastated by Cyclone Larry. Townsville streetscape. Main street Toora photo. Beechworth main street image. Woods Point rural Australia photograph. Small town garage mechanic. Daylesford streetscape. Ganmain NSW small town photo. Matong New South Wales small town streetscape. Wimmera dying town photo. Dorrigo streetscape. Victorian town Clunes photo. Photographs Australian garages and sheds and outback dunny toilet. Landscape photos of Australian Wimmera river and old timber and steel bridges. Australian sunrises. Small Australian country rural roads and Kimberley highway and road signs. Old Australian garage and service station photos. Photos of rural press in Australia. Small town newspaper. Rural newspaper editor. Images of Australian republic and royal depictions and elections. Photos of aboriginal children and land rights. Photos of locals living in Urandangi, a remote outback Queensland town by Ian Kenins. Arnhem Land photos. Photo of Great Ocean Road. Lawn Hill national park photo. Cattle crossing Australian rural road. The Australian dog fence photograph. Australian countryside affected by bushfire photo.

ian kenins

Victoria Australia

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