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Ian Kenins Photography

Victoria Australia

Photographs by Ian Kenins.


Published work by Ian Kenins in magazines such as Good Weekend. Ian Kenins published photos in Inside Sport and Qantas magazine. Feature articles by photographer Ian Kenins in The Bulletin and Inside Sport and Australian Traveller magazine. Feature photo essays of Australian sport, life and culture by Ian Kenins. Published books by Ian Kenins. Open For Business book by photographer and writer Ian Kenins. Work published overseas by writer and photographer Ian Kenins.

for Publications images:
01 Good Weekend
02 Portfolio (United Arab Emirates)
03 Qantas Club
04 The Sunday Age
05 Inside Sport
06 Qantas Club
07 UNSW Press
08 Lothian Books
09 The Australian Way
11 The Bulletin
12 The Eye
13 Courrier International (France)
14 Inside Sport
17 Qantas Club
18 Work Life
19 The Age
20 Australian Traveller

ian kenins

Victoria Australia

mobile: 0417 561 563
email: ian@iankenins.com


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