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Ian Kenins Photography

Victoria Australia

Photographs by Ian Kenins.


Portraits by photographer Ian Kenins of newspaper editor Ella Ebery. Photos of Catholic priest and Hare Krisna devotee by Ian Kenins. Photo of Julian Lennon by Ian Kenins. Portraits of well known and local sports people and workers by Ian Kenins. Portrait of two old printers in Melbourne factory. Dallas Crane photo by Ian Kenins. Fashion designer Jenny Bannister portrait by Ian Kenins. Photo of couple enjoying retirement. Olympic gold medallist Lauren Burns photo. St. Kilda footballers Nick Riewoldt and Justin Koschitzke photo. Skateboarder Ben Pappas portrait by Ian Kenins. Veteran runner.

Profile of residents of Australian outback town Urandangi. Australian outback lifestyle photos. Remote Australian desert town photographs by Ian Kenins. Outback people living in temporary housing, humpys and caravans. Far north Queensland residents in of Urandangi. Third world conditions in Urandangi, Australia. Photos of Australians living in poverty in outback town. Nude Australian blokes in outback pub. Images of cigarette smoking, beer drinking blokes in Australian outback pub. Aboriginal school in remote community in Queensland.

Rural Australia
Photographs by Ian Kenins. Images of rural and outback Australia. Photos of woolsheds and farms and struggling Australian farmers. Iconic Australian ringer on outback farm photo. Photos of rural Australian tractors and windmills and wind farms images silos. Photographs by Ian Kenins of saleyards still in use and working stock agent. Livestock photos of sheep and cattle and goats on Australian farm. Farm photographs of haystacks and wheat. Photos old railway lines and stations and trains in rural Australia. Photos of Australia rural drought and land affected by drought. Australian farmland affected by drought and rising salinity. Iconic rural Australian church corrugated iron image. Streetscapes of small Australian towns. Koondrook streetscape photo. Barham streetscape. Main street Cooktown photo. Mourilyan township devastated by Cyclone Larry. Townsville streetscape. Main street Toora photo. Beechworth main street image. Woods Point rural Australia photograph. Small town garage mechanic. Daylesford streetscape. Ganmain NSW small town photo. Matong New South Wales small town streetscape. Wimmera dying town photo. Dorrigo streetscape. Victorian town Clunes photo. Photographs Australian garages and sheds and outback dunny toilet. Landscape photos of Australian Wimmera river and old timber and steel bridges. Australian sunrises. Small Australian country rural roads and Kimberley highway and road signs. Old Australian garage and service station photos. Photos of rural press in Australia. Small town newspaper. Rural newspaper editor. Images of Australian republic and royal depictions and elections. Photos of aboriginal children and land rights. Photos of locals living in Urandangi, a remote outback Queensland town by Ian Kenins. Arnhem Land photos. Photo of Great Ocean Road. Lawn Hill national park photo. Cattle crossing Australian rural road. The Australian dog fence photograph. Australian countryside affected by bushfire photo.

Snapshots and photos of childhood. Photos by Ian Kenins of youth at play. Young boy playing with pet dog photo. Old man walking exercising his dog photograph. Parenthood photograph father with son. Men and mates and neighbours. Images of election campaign in Australia. Photos of Melbourne laneways and men playing outdoor chess. Demonstration photo. Photo of demonstrator at parliament house by Ian Kenins. Photographs of VW Beetle. Holden FJ model and dogs in cars. People enjoying picnics and playing on beach. Boys on Australian beach. Melbourne café society photograph. Laundromat photo. Friends after cup day. Old women neighbours chatting in Australian suburb in Melbourne. Spectators in car on boundary line at country rural football match. Gay men cross dressing photo. Photograph of workers playing laneway cricket lunchtime. Garage band photograph. Man with best friend dog photograph.

Photos of boxing Jeff Fenech winning title fight. Golf photographs. AFL action football photographs marking Matthew Lloyd. Outback horse racing in Kimberley. Photos of fans and spectators at sports events. Images of victory and jubilation and defeat. Collingwood 1990 premiership Tony Shaw photo by Ian Kenins. Geelong losing grand final. Cricketer batsman Dean Jones photograph. Photographs by Ian Kenins of social cricket in Australia, played in parks, laneways, and beach cricket. Backyard cricket photographs by Ian Kenins. Photographs of tennis, Martina Hingis. Swimming photographs. Australian dog sled racing in snow photos. Fencing images. Windsurfing photograph. Kyle Vander-Kuyp hurdles photos. Start of Murray River Marathon canoe kayak race photograph. Tug of war photograph.

Country football
Photographs by Ian Kenins of country football around Australia outback, and rural football and AFL football in rural towns and remote regions. Aboriginals playing Australian football. Photographs of old grandstands in rural Australia. Spectators cheering at local football in Australia. Fans watching country football in Australia. Photographs of young children playing football in Australia. Legends of Australian country football clubs. Portrait of bush footballer in Australia. Country footballers celebrating victory photograph. Family and loyal volunteers involved in bush football in rural Australia. Country football players socialising with beer after game. Photographs from book Beyond The Big Sticks by Ian Kenins. Photo of Australian football goal umpire. Unique rural Australian football images. Fund raising in local sport photo. Queenstown gravel oval photo. Football goal umpire eating pie photograph. Country football in NSW and Victoria and Tasmania and WA and SA and Queensland photos. Injured country footballers. Country football old facilities photos.

Ladies lawn bowls
Photographs of ladies lawn bowls day at Albert Park in Melbourne by Ian Kenins. Photos of women socialising playing lawn bowls. Photos of senior citizens recreational activities. Photos of elderly activities and friendship. Women playing sport photos. Friendship in sport. Ladies lawn bowls cup of tea break photo. Photos of active senior citizens. Women in competitive sport.

Simpson Desert cycle race
Photos of bicycle race across the Simpson Desert in outback Australia by Ian Kenins. Photographs of bike race from Purnie Bore to Birdsville. Photos of bicycle riders in extreme heat and harsh conditions. Cyclists carrying bikes over sand dunes. Cyclist struggling in Simpson Desert cycle race. Sunrise photo of start of Simpson Desert bike race. Competitors on Oil Rig Road in Simpson Desert cycle race. Cycling across sandy desert. Photograph of lone cyclist on steep hill. Triumphant cyclists completes race. Exhausted competitor in bike race photo.

Travel photos from Venice and Rome and Vatican in Italy by Ian Kenins. Mask maker photo in Venice. Flying above clouds photo. Aerial photographs of Bavaria, Germany. German steins, Bavarian castles, old village farms and farmers in Germany. Snow in Austria. Travel photos of Australia and Lawn Hill National Park and Port Douglas, Australian bridges, the Bungle Bungles by Ian Kenins. Photograph of Lincoln Memorial sunrise. Photo of Charles Bridge in Prague. Hillbillies whittling outside courthouse photo. Old American road and highway photo. Richmond Bridge photo in Tasmania. Classic Italian Motto Guzzi bike photo in Rome.

Across the USA
Travels photos USA of roads and highways and streets and American highway sign. American travel images of New York, Pennsylvania. Photos of USA covered bridges, farmers, American cheerleaders, hillbillies, Elvis fans and impersonators. American landscape photos of Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Mono Lake. USA people photos of American barber, quintessential diner chef and stereotypical American diner waitress. Photo of Chicago gospel church and photos of school pledge of allegiance in America and American flag. American sports photos of baseball, football, basketball by Ian Kenins. New York skyline pre September 2001. Photographs of Venice Beach, California. Kids in America photos and American children playing. Bill Clinton’s former barber in Arkansas photo. American farmers in front of traditional barn.

String quartet tour
Photographs of Australian String Quartet playing classical music in desert and outback towns. Unlikely place for classic music in Australian outback. Photographs of violins and cello being played to farmers in outback pubs in Australia. Violin played to farmer at outback campfire. Classic music played underground mine in Australia photo.

Ian Kenins has taken photographs of labourers and blue collar workers going home after hard day’s work. Images of industrial workers on building site by Ian Kenins. Mates at work. Photo of rural newspaper editor. Technician image. Fisherman photo, and photos of furniture repairs. Work photos of staff going home, and wool manufacture and production in Australia. Photos of sports equipment making. Cricket bat maker photo and surf board making photo. Violin making photo. Photos of hard labour, a chimney sweep and winemaker or vigneron. Photo of science and research in laboratory. Image of doctors and patient in hospital. Scrap metal worker photograph.

Shoes by Rocco
Images of shoes by iconic Rocco Bufalo in East Malvern by Ian Kenins. Shoes being hand made old fashioned way. Photographs of shoes stitched by hand. Shoes made to measure by Rocco. Leather shoes hand made by Rocco in Melbourne.

The factory
Photographs of people at Galvanising Industries work in factories by Ian Kenins. Images of old fashioned factory with lots of steam and steel. Photos of labourers in industrial steel and galvanising factory in Melbourne, Australia. Workers toiling in old steel factory photos. Portrait of old worker’s face in factory by Ian Kenins. Old worker carrying classic Gladstone bag to work. Conveyer belt and production line in old factory in Australia. Wife kisses husband before work in morning photo. Photo of father and son working together in factory. Factory boss in office. Photos of drums of chemicals in factory.

Published work by Ian Kenins in magazines such as Good Weekend. Ian Kenins published photos in Inside Sport and Qantas magazine. Feature articles by photographer Ian Kenins in The Bulletin and Inside Sport and Australian Traveller magazine. Feature photo essays of Australian sport, life and culture by Ian Kenins. Published books by Ian Kenins. Open For Business book by photographer and writer Ian Kenins. Work published overseas by writer and photographer Ian Kenins.
for Publications images:
01 Good Weekend
02 Portfolio (United Arab Emirates)
03 Qantas Club
04 The Sunday Age
05 Inside Sport
06 Qantas Club
07 UNSW Press
08 Lothian Books
09 The Australian Way
11 The Bulletin
12 The Eye
13 Courrier International (France)
14 Inside Sport
17 Qantas Club
18 Work Life
19 The Age
20 Australian Traveller


Ian Kenins photographic career began in 1989, freelancing for the Sunday Age and The Age newspapers in Melbourne. The last twelve years has mostly involved Ian Kenins shooting magazine assignments, with more than 70 feature photo essays published in journals such as Inside Sport, Good Weekend, Sunday Life, The Bulletin, Gourmet Traveller, Australian Traveller, The Photojournalist, Outback, and The Australian Way,amongst others. In addition, there have been hundreds of portrait shoots, mostly of people in their working environment, for these and other publications and organisations in the rural, medical, automotive and construction industries.

Two magazine assignments evolved to become books by Ian Kenins. The first, Open For Business, (UNSW Press, 1998), included portraits and short histories of fifty of Melbourne’s oldest small retailers. The second, Beyond The Big Sticks: country football around Australia, (Lothian Books, 2003), contained 175 photographs capturing the colour, atmosphere and characters of rural football.

From these books and various assignments, the National Library of Australia has chosen over 200 photographs by Ian Kenins as images of “cultural and social significance” for their pictorial archives

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